Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Song & Dance

So September has been the month of visitors!! Family, family and more family. It was a great time with lots of great laughs and wine! This is why I have been away from my blog... Just before we got company I finished this layout of Bailey on her first day of dance last year. Yes that is right... I am still doing last year! One day, I will be working on current events. LOL! Also I will post a picture of the bomb that has gone off in my scrapbook area.

When my dad as up he made some shelving for me...which I desperately needed and I'm starting to have an actual workable craft area!  Any ideas on crafting storage would be greatly appreciated!! HELP!!!!!!
Funny story... as I am sitting here writing this post I see in the corner of my eye... a silver glittery thing on my boob!! Turns out it's a Thicker letter! HAH!!! Thank god I had a jacket on when I went to pick up my daughter at school.

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